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Zoo zoo is our meownager of Joo Chiat Store, on the average day, he sleeps through his job duty in his 
perfect sleeping spot — on top of the shelf, with the best view of the whole shop, accepts hoomans worshipping from
below. When he is in the mood, he might also be your personal shopper and follows you around in the shop.

You can find more of my photos on Instagram, just search #catzoozoo


Chestnut is the beginning of the story, he is the first meownager of Cat Socrates and has been supervising us since 2012. He retired on 2021 for his age & health condition.
Now he is at home enjoying his retirement.     


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on my home life.

Meow ~~


Mayo joined us at Yong Siak store in 2021. 

As a new meownager, he is enthusiastic about his job, eager to help all the time, roams in the shop, greets customers or helps with the cashier.

Even at his nap time, he stays in the hammock of our cat tree right above the cashier, supervises us in his dream.

2022 Cats of Cat Socrates Calendar

Desktop calendar features our 3 shop cats, their life in the shop and at home.

To give cats a home, visit these link and find out more!

Cat Museum



Cat Welfare Society


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