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Books, CD, Magazine & Paper paraphernalia

We sell lifestyle, craft, illustration, home deco books & magazine; carry books from local publishing house such as Math Paper Press, Epigram Books, we also sell books & zines self-published by Local & Asia Writers.

Home deco, kitchenware & furniture

You have to agree, the most important for home decorations are not some expeisive branded accessories, but having good ideas! Do visit our store and we have endless ideas for you here!

We also source tablewares and decorations for cafes & restaurants, please talk to our staff or send your enquiry by email.

Fabric & sewing accessories (discontinuted)

We carry cotton linen blend printed fabric collection in more than 50 kinds of designs, we also sell sewing accessories including tapes and hand stitch tool, cotton color twines, linen twines. 

We also sell ready-made table cloth and tote bags, placemats.

Plants & Pots, Garden accessories

Never get enough of satisfaction from looking at our garden section, we have fresh batch of air plant every week, and other indoor plant and succulent plants every two weeks; all kinds of pots, terrariums and terrarium materials for you to DIY your own; plants stands and books about how to arrange and take care of plants as well.

Bags & Fashion Accessories

Singapore Theme

You may like to look at our local theme products in our Katong shop, after walking alone the 1930’s shop houses and passing by famous teo-chew restaurant, peranakan pastry shop, maybe-50-years-old mama shop, it’s the right moment to bring back some souvenir to complete this mini trip in Katong.

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